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Annoucing our 3rd Tango Medicine Retreat 2024 in Wales

We are so so proud to announce our third Tango Medicine retreat: 16th - 19th May 2024. Once again held at the stunning location of Coed Hills Rural Art space in South Wales, with stunning views, regal main hall with heated floor, inspiring fairy cabins spotted across the beautiful grounds, a sauna & plunge pool, stunning woodland and wild swimming lake. During the retreat we will prepare epic organic food, especially designed to complement & empower your health, and of course, the beautiful experience of Tango Medicine in nature.

Our Gourmet organic food is designed in advanced to support & invest in local organic & sustainable farming. At the last retreat we managed to get over 90% of the ingredients grown organically in the UK. This year our beautiful chef Vieve, with years of holistic nutritional health experience, is creating our menu.

Our Tango Medicine technique is kind, respectful, and designed to help people understand the benefits of Tango to quality of life & creating community. It combines dance therapy, body type dynamics with Tango techniques, combining Argentine & Celtic folklore live music, and of course being in nature respectfully, with access to a natural lake, sauna & plunge pool.

Images from previous retreat held at Coed:

Testimonials from previous retreats:

 "I came to the retreat not really knowing why, I just knew I needed to come. I knew there was the element of needing to feel in my body - because I don't know how that feels - and I woke up this morning knowing how it felt"

 Joy Minton, after the weekend retreat in September 2022.

Venue: Coed Hills Rural Art Space

Near Cardiff, Wales, it is a sustainable community with over 25 years of experience in how to live respectfully in nature.

Main Hall

Images from Main Hall in Coed Hills


Sauna and ice bath in Coed Hills

Sauna is a great ally for dancers as it helps ease muscles, detox and help in the process of healing


Accomodation Options & Prices:

  • You can book for the retreat without accomodation if you have a van or tent.

  • You can book accomodation for couples, private accomodation, or as a group sharing in cabins/yurt.

  • All prices are for the whole weekend and include all bedding, but not towels 🥰 bring extra towels for the sauna too!

  • Toilets and showers are in external, shared buildings, except for the Farmhouse, whose rooms have their own shared indoor toilet & bathroom.

Price for retreat:

£400 per ticket for retreat

This for 4 nights & 5 days, includes all organic meals, sauna & plunge pool, tent or van space.

If you need accomodation please see availability & rental costs below:

Accomodation in McGhee Mansion Cabin

The McGhee Mansion has a wood burner a kitchenette 1 double and 2 singles. Can be booked privately or split to be shared.


Shared accomodation in Anastasia Yurt (6 beds)

This beautiful yurt has a wood burner and 6 beds.

£100 per bed

Cabin Pods

Shared Cabin, (2 beds per cabin, 4 separate cabins available)

All pods have 2 singles and electric blankets, incase it gets chilly.

£400 for private use, £200 per person as shared.



King bed with sea view

A private room with a king-size bed, ideal for a couple as the price includes both retreat tickets (£400 each) to the retreat. However it can be sold to an individual if they need privacy & a giant bed.


Double bed

A private room with a double bed, ideal for a couple as the price includes both tickets to the retreat. However it can be sold to an individual if they need privacy.

£1000 (booked)


Double bed in pod

The Ball of String Pod has 1 double and electric blankets. Ideal for a couple as it includes both tickets.


Double bed in Woody

The Woody has a wood burner and 1 double. Ideal for a couple as it includes both tickets.


Double bed in Dragon wagon

The Dragon Wagon has a wood burner and 1 double bed. Ideal for a couple as it includes both tickets.


Double bed in Railway cabin

The Railway carriage has a wood burner, 1 double and a fold-out couch so option for another double, Ideal for a couple as it includes both tickets.


Private accomodation (Single bed in Farmhouse)

Perfect for someone looking for privacy and an indoor bathroom.




If you want to find out about our retreats at Coed, or come to one, or have any other questions please email us:

Date & Times:

Tango Medicine 16th - 19th May 2024

Arrive from 5pm Thursday

End after breakfast on Monday

Sunday 18th we will host an Olla Popular & Milonga in the main Hall.

Availability for All:

We have a few options so that those who can't afford these prices can come:

  • We have a very flexible pricing plan if you wish to pay bit by bit 😊

  • 6 exchange places where you help with breakfast and making the space beautiful, clean & tidy (flower-filled, fairy magic, and loveliness)

  • Discounts available for those who attended a previous retreat with TLC

  • We have 3 gift places to enjoy the retreat to people working towards rewilding, diversity, inclusivity, or any positive impact towards the world. A little thank you for your work.


Do I need to bring a partner?

No need at all, many people will come on thier own

Can I bring my children?

Yes! All are welcome, but you may need to bring a co parent like a friend or grandparent to look after them so you can concentrate on your reatreat :) Please message so we can arrange.

Do I need shoes?

If you have Tango shoes bring them; you can buy jazz shoes for about £10; or just a pair of old socks. This is so you can pivot without hurting your knees. If you only have heals and are a profiencient dancer already, bring flat shoes as we will be encouraging you to learn to lead too.

Do I need experience?

No, we are equipt to teach basics, and the guided Práctica will help you put what you learn into practice.

How do you cater for both novices and experienced Tango dancers?

Firstly, we are all students of Tango, so we are always learning 🥰 We teach the medicine of Tango to people of all abilities, including how to dance with respect for your body and body type, gender neutrality, and many other aspects that create an inclusive Tango environment.

Those who are more experienced will be learning in an advanced class separate to beginners, as we all require different things at different stages of our Tango practice. We then come all together to practise during the evening Práctica (which simply means a practice).

How do I get there if I'm taking the train/bus?

We will provide a lift from the station in Cardiff on Thursday afternoon for those coming on public transport.

What food?

All the food will be gluten-free, vegan and organic where possible. We are getting part of the food from an awe-inspiring project called Crops Not Shops, which enables people to grow thier own food, and supplies fresh organic vegetables to low income families - a wonderful project to support with our wonderful retreat; from the local organic farmer on the land at Coed Hills.

What should I bring?

  • We will be in nature, so be prepared for chilly nights

  • bring layers of clothing, outdoors may be fresh but the hall is heated

  • swimming suit if you wish

  • two towels for sauna and showering

  • hot water bottle

  • extra socks

  • comfortable clothes

  • your own tent if you're not staying in accomodation - lots of insulation and experience of camping in wet Wales, don't do it if you're not prepared!

  • torch as loos are outside

  • extra snacks if you wish

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