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Grass Roots

in nature

gender neutral

Tango Is Our Medicine

Tango is a dance that was created by the people for the people. We believe in teaching Tango with gender neutrality - this means learning both roles regardless of gender. We teach Tango and its grassroots, revolutionary history. We teach in nature. We believe in REWILDING Tango and using it as a medicine to inspire better human connections to each other and our environment...

ABout Retreat

Tropical Leaves

What Our Tango Retreats Include

Private Tutorial

With your partner you will have private tutorials to nuture your needs


Brekfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared & eaten together, like a tribe.

Tango History

We will give grassroot history of Tango, storytelling style by the fire

Daily Tango Workshops

Introducing you to Tango as a movement & connection medicine


Located in a stunning retreat in nature, where you can rewild your senses.

Continuing Your Tango

Membership to our website to access tutorials covering what was learnt.

Tropical Leaves
  • Our weekend Tango Retreat is ideal for beginners to start their Tango journey in a respectful, loving & healthy environment.

  • Hosted in ‘breathtaking nature resort’, we immerse the participants in their learning process with nature as our ally, helping our human connection to each other & our environment.

  • You can come solo or with a partner, with no experience in dance or lots. All are welcome.

  • We combine many movement techniques & therapies to best transmit the art of Tango & connection.

  • Waking up the senses with pampering ceremonies of massage, saunas, rewilding walks, eating together, bonfires, live music, & dancing. Providing a detox from processed products, experiences & food.

  • We host two Tango Medicine Retreats per year, Easter bank holiday weekend, and mid-September. Reserve your spot here.

Tropical Leaves
Tango Medicine Retreat
Tango Medicine Retreat
09 Sept 2022, 19:00

our dance story

10 years ago Tango transformed our lives, healed my Granny & introduced us to a world of human heritage that we adore to pass on, especially to those who like us, didn't think dance was a possibility for them.

tribal body paint.jpg


tribal body paint.jpg

Student at Meadows

This truly is medicine! I was inspired by every moment. I never knew Tango could be this.. was always this. I'm so grateful

Jo Bundell

Drew & Chichi's Tango Medicine blew me away. The music, the way they transmit Tango, it is their calling

David Lett

The world needs more of this. I recommend this to everyone. it is transformative, I felt I could do it every step of the way...


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