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Tango Is Our Medicine

We rarely get a chance to delight in our human relationships, in all thier forms; from our children, partners or compleate strangers. It can be a challenge to be present, & take the time to nurture our needs for one another. We are honoured to give this oppertunity in our Retreat.

Join us in our Tango Medicine retreat, that immerses you in all things wonderful about being together...

ABout Retreat

Tropical Leaves

We at the Loving Collaborative strive to thrive, not just survive in this life, making all the things we need to live into an exquisite joyous art. Everything about this retreat weaves an understanding of cultural practices that make an art of being together, while nourishing your bodies movements & spirit. From the especially designed gourmet organic farm to table meals to heal your body & the earth, to the sauna time designed to help with your  body’s unique way to express movement & dance.

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Night Sky

To begin our journey, we have welcoming dinner & settle down to hear Stories & myths of Tango, under the night sky By the crakling fire...


Immersed in culture

In the beginning, tango was not this glamorous style of stilettos and suited elegance you see now. It was born in the slums of slaves and immigrants who, despite living in the gutters, found a way to stare at the stars. They found a way to be beautiful, express themselves with music and dance, a dance that eventually became tango. Milongas, where people come together to dance tango, were places of freedom. Artists, writers, revolutionaries, musicians, widows, gay men or women, people of all backgrounds, races, and cultures would come together to be rid of the strict social expectations and be able to be together, drink a bonding Mate tea, exchange embraces, dance, and merge whatever expression they had.


In our retreat in May, we recreate this environment. We invite musicians, artists, and dancers to come and create that same environment that birthed our beloved tango.

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Intimidated by dancing Tango?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Firstly tango is actually just a walk, which with practice turns into your personal signature walking dance. No one, not even trained dancers, starts tango "looking slick". Tango humbles all, we all start with baby steps, and to help you, we have over 10 years of experience and use multidisciplinary techniques. Best of all, we will never force you to do anything. If you want to just sit and watch, you are empowered and welcome to do so. This is actually part of tango culture too. That's why you have seats in the places people dance tango, to just relax and admire. So don't let fear stop you. This is your chance.

Tropical Leaves

Combining Tango & Dance Therapy

What is so beautiful about being human is that we need each other; our immune system is connected to physical touch. You're more likely to live longer if you are in a long-term loving relationship or immersed in a community. However, being together is an art that requires time, tools, and practice. By coming heart to heart in a moving meditation like Tango, you learn about yourself in reflection of another, after all, it takes two to tango. This dance helps us express and share what is alive in us, it bonds us, and best of all, it can be danced by anyone, not just trained dancers. Hence why it was declared Human heritage by UNESCO.

Tropical Leaves

What Our Tango Retreats Include

Dance Practice

The best way to learn is by dancing with an experienced dancer. We dance with you in the dance practicas.

Gourmet Meals

Gourmet organic & seasonal meals tailoured to heal & nourish your body & the earth simultanously.

Tango History & Culture

The myths & legends of Tango revealed by storytelling by a crackling fire under the stars, learning how to prep a traditional mate or Olla Popular

Daily Tango Workshops

Revealing Tangos gifts as a movement & connection medicine, not just steps.


From King size rooms, to fairy pods, cabins,& camping/van options, all can feel comfortable

Sauna & Plunge Pool

Empower your health & confidence to dance with the art of Suana & plunge pool.

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Who would love this retreat?


Begginers & Curious Kitties

Ideal for tango enthusiasts, beginners, and intermediates. Experience the beauty and moving meditation that is tango dance. Our retreat provides a respectful, kind, and healthy environment where you can learn both roles and be empowered to feel at home in the culture and community of tango dance anywhere in the world.


Experienced dancers

You are the tango culture, in this retreat learn how to be empowered by learning  how to nuture a healthy Tango environment, how to feel at home in all Tango settings, be empowered by understanding both roles. And deepen your love for Tango by being immersed in the original creative medly that gave freedom to those that birthed tango in it's humble begginings.


Music & Culture Lovers

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of live music of tango, fusions tango & celtic heritage, sound & song therapy, all to complement your holistic learning of tango. Our classes offer the unique opportunity to enjoy the inspiration and energy of live music, understanding tango instruments like the bandonion, enhancing your cultural & dance experience, creating a deeper connection with the eachother & the culture of tango & it's humble origins.


All Financial Situations

We don't want anyone to miss out if they want to come, from luxery home comforts to camping & glamping, we have lots of accomodation option. We also have various payment options & installments, or even exchanges. We make sure all are welcome, creating the divercity that birthed the magic of Tango in the first place.

Tropical Leaves
Nourishing Tango Medicine Retreat in Wales
Nourishing Tango Medicine Retreat in Wales
16 May 2024, 17:00
Coed Hills Rural Art Space
Kale Farm

Gourmet Meals

At The Loving Collaborative, we believe in creating a holistic wellness experience that goes beyond traditional tango retreats. Our lovingly designed gourmet food experiences are a key part of this journey. We don't just eat food, we sit together as a community and bond over all the senses awakened by our carefully crafted meals. Our gourmet food not only nourishes your body with organic, seasonal, and healing ingredients, but also contributes to healing our earth through our investment in revolutionary sustainable food growing projects.


Join us


Gourmet Organic Farm to table meals


Tailor made for retreat activities


Vegan & Gluten Free

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Supports revolutionary food growing projects


Heals your body & the earth


The art of eating together


Discover Our Unique Connection

There is a remarkable connection between Wales and Argentina. Did you know that Patagonia is the only other fluently Welsh speaking place outside of Wales? Both countries have fought to save their culture, and in our beautiful venue Coed Hills in South Wales, we shed light through music, art, health practices & dance, on how preserving and appreciating culture can greatly improve people's quality of life.

Magnified Grass

Venue Coed Hills

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Being moved by music...

Experience a magical evening of live music from both South America and mystical Wales in the majestic main hall. Immerse yourself in the sounds and be guided through a multi-sensory experience that encourages you to move in whatever way expresses you most. Deepen your ability in tango or any dance you practice while understanding your body in relation to sound.


Sauna & Plunge Pool

Indulge in a healthy and natural lifestyle with Coeds Sauna & Cold Plunge Pool. Our sauna space holders will guide you through the depth of sauna culture and its role in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Discover how it can complement your movement in dance and pamper your well-being. And if you are feeling extra adventureous, tickle your inner wildling with a wild swim in the lake...


Escape to the serene beauty of Wales and indulge in the magic of our glamping fairy cabins, pods, and tiny homes. Nestled amidst lush green hills and the sweet melodies of birds, our accommodations offer a perfect retreat for those seeking a peaceful getaway... We also welcome those who wish to come in thier own tents or vans :) In whatever way you wish to experience this beautiful part of Wales, we can accomadate you & help you feel at home in nature.


Dragon Cabin

Perfect for a couple with its double bed, romantic fire place, and it's own little terrace...


Fairy Pods

There are 5 beutiful cosy little pods to glamp in with two single beds. And one pod with a double bed.

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The cabins have a wood burner a kitchenette, several bed options: 1 double and 2 singles. Can be booked privately or split to be shared.

Ticket OPtions

Our range of ticket options help everyone feel at home... Whether you're looking for a cozy farmhouse room with a super king size bed, a fairylike pod, share a cabin with its own fireplace, or a more rustic experience in your own tent or van, we have something for everyone. Come and make yourself at home

our dance story

10 years ago Tango transformed our lives, healed my Granny & introduced us to a world of human heritage that we adore to pass on, especially to those who like us, didn't think dance was a possibility for them.

This retreat is for you if:

  1. You want to be in a immersive experience of tango and dance culture, including dance therapy

  2. you enjoy or want to work on feeling comfortable in proximity to others, after all tango is danced heart to heart!

  3. love nature and enjoy glamping in the pods and cabins, or feel comfortable in your own tent or van

  4. feel comfortable with loo’s being outside (unless you are in the farm house :)

  5. want to learn both roles in tango

  6. love or want to try sauna, cold plunge pool, or wild swimming!

  7. love an inclusive and welcoming environment for all ages and backgrounds

  8. love art, love music, tango as well as sound therapy and immersive singer songwriter music.

  1. You want to just learn tango steps and not interested in the culture that it was created by, and your part in being the present culture of tango.

  2. Don’t like nature or glamping.

  3. Only want to listen to tango.

  4. You prefer gender specific tango roles, men lead, woman follow.

  5. You have an aversion to people and don’t wish to be close to others.

  6. Don't like the idea of dancing, not out of worry but actually don't like dancing.

  7. Don't want to be around diverse people & ages.

  8. Want to learn Tango to look good rather than feel good.

This retreat is not for you if:

tribal body paint.jpg


tribal body paint.jpg

Student at Meadows

This truly is medicine! I was inspired by every moment. I never knew Tango could be this.. was always this. I'm so grateful

Jo Bundell

Drew & Chichi's Tango Medicine blew me away. The music, the way they transmit Tango, it is their calling

David Lett

The world needs more of this. I recommend this to everyone. it is transformative, I felt I could do it every step of the way...


At this retreat we set the following promises for you to learn & feel by the time you end the retreat.

Wearing Towels


  1. Especially designed gourmet organic vegan food

  2. The sauna & plunge pool/wild swimming