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We have been honored to collaborate with all kinds of wonderful people, bands, & communities.

Please read below, and feel free to contact us for any other references needed.

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"...Elizabeth [aka Chichi Co-founder of TLC] is a truly unique and wonderful human being. Equal parts compassionate and ambitious, both an educator and yet always willing to learn. She lights up any room or environment she walks into and I wish I could collaborate with her even more than I have done.
She is a great addition to any team, institution, friendship circle, family - you name it! I’m very proud to be a part of her life and I look forward to continuing to being so for many years to come."

Ben Lovett

Mumford & Sons

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Mumford & Sons

Folklore Band

Social Artwork

Commissioned by the band to design a piano for Hyde Park Festival.

See Project Here...

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Meadows in the Mountains Festival

Tango Workshop

"You encouraged me to be able to dance for the first time in my life, thank you isn't enough"

Testimonial of participant

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Live Music Venue

Tango Milonga Night

With live music, classes and art.

"That was one of my favourite nights held here"

Testimonial of Venue Owner

"It's Tango Medicine, I feel like a part of me was woken I didn't even know was asleep"

Participant of Tango Beginers Workshop
Meadows in the Mountains

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Tango Medicine Workshop

"This was so much more than what I could have ever imagine, divine, one of the remarkable workshops"

Jo, Movement Co-oridinator

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Tango Medicine Workshop

"I never knew Tango was this, it's pure connection, Chichi & Drew transmit it in such an awe inspiring way"

Testimonial of participant:

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Tribe of Doris

Tango Medicine Workshop

"This workshop can not be described in words, you have got to do it, just so amazing"

Testimonial of Participant

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"This was by far the most remarkable workshop I experienced, my favourite of all"

Participant of Tango Medicine Workshop
Medicine Festival

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Tango Terra

Milonga Night

Beginners Tango Class

"I saw my daughter open up and come out of her shell for the first time"

Student of our class.


El Jardín de Eden

Wellness Retreat

Tango Healing Workshop

"I gave up on dancing after my spinal injury, but today I found out I can dance.  It made me cry of joy.  Thank you"

Testimonial of participant:

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Projeto Tamar

Marine Conservationists

Kids Educational Mural

"I couldn't describe the magic you conjured in our community, but the love of the kids for you shows it"

Testimonial of Rescue Center Manager

"You can see a transformative experience for the couples,

all parents to be should

experience this "

Midwife recounting pregnancy workshop

Parto Humanizado Center

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