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TLC Music


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ABOUT TLC Music Co-op

For us, music is the shamanic soundtrack to life. It is the universal language that crosses borders & creeds. It bonds us, creates tribe, & that is why we founded the Co-op, & invested in the best possible tools to record, to be able to invite all great & small to immerse themselves in the majesty of music in all it's forms.

Please Enjoy TLC Music Below

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Do you Love us?

Support the TLC Music Coop to keep doing what we do...

Follow our SoundCloud, or Bandcamp & purchase [for what you can afford]

All donations are divided fairly to participants of each song.

Want to Record with TLC Music Co-op?

If you are inspired to record with TLC, feel free to contact us. We love to collaborate, & can offer recording retreats in the wild with nature as our studio...

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