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Darling Magazine published our article about Tango Medicine, empowering a kinder Tango culture

A huge honour to be published by Darling Magazine this month. I am so moved by the support shown by the editor KARINE TORR. This magazine was created to inspire women, and publishes articles that help empower women. Publishing this article about Tango being more than an aesthetic dance expands the knowledge of the other aspects of Tango that people may not know. It helps get the word out that Tango, at its roots, is about coming together, empowering each other, and doing so in a respectful, welcoming environment that offers huge benefits to our health and quality of life.

Below is the link to read the full article to understand the depth on how this mysterious and sometimes miscontrued dance can benefit you in more ways than you could imagine. And also through our Tango Medicine retreats we are creating safe and kind environments to practise.

Subscribe to Darling Magazine to keep being inspired by thier posts! And if you are interested in attending or supporting our mission to create inclusive and healthy environments to learn and practise Tango, please feel free to email us



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