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Announcing our next Tango Medicine Retreat held in the stunning community of Coed Hills in Wales

We believe in people, and nurturing human connections to each other and our glorious planet. It is the way we hope to be a force of kindness in this world. So when we were asked to host retreats for people to continue thier Tango practice, after giving workshops at festivals, we were so honoured and have looked for ways to have the best impact in doing so.

Our last retreat was held in Penpynfarch, where they are rewilding a pine forest and protecting the flora and fauna. We used local farmers and shops where possible, learned about foraging wild food and medicine, and of course, learnt the impact of Tango as a medicine for our human connections. We helped enable our participants to feel empowered, hearts open and fearless to feel.

"I came to the retreat not really knowing why, I just knew I needed to come. I knew there was the element of needing to feel in my body - because I don't know how that feels - and I woke up this morning knowing how it felt"

Joy Minton, after the weekend retreat in September 2022.

Images from previous retreat held in Penpynfarch 2022


Reatreat Held in the Beautiful Community at Coed Hills Rural Art Space

Images From main Hall in Coed Hills

Our next retreat will be held at Coed Hills, a remarkable community with a small food forest, rewilding projects, community interest, and sustainable living practices. It boasts a stunning main hall, gorgeous little cabins with wood burners, a sauna, lake, forest and epic vibes.

Sauna and Ice bath in Coed Hills

Sauna is a great ally for dancers as it helps ease muscles, detox and help in the process of healing

We believe in hosting our retreats in places like this as they are in line with our ethics in The Loving Collaborative. Our retreats are very affordable next to other Tango retreats so that all can participate. We have exchange places too for those who can't afford it. (You can read more about our ethics on our home Pg.)

We are on a mission to show the healing grassroots of Tango. It's a gentle, kind & revolutionary side that is not always told or practised outside of Argentina. We are enabling people through teaching gender neutral roles, as it was taught originally: those with experience lead, and beginners follow until proficient enough to learn to lead - regardless of gender. We are dedicated to creating a safe and enpowering environment where everyone is valued regardless of age or abilty. The grassroots of Tango was a dance for the people by the people. It welcomed all. A milonga was a place of freedom & equality, a refuge. It was banned many times due to its power to bring people together, to create community. Together, diverse and connected, we are always stronger, like all ecosystems. We have been activists for free education for arts and folklore (including Tango) in Argentina, and continue to find ways to support respectful, inclusive Tango. (Read More here)

To do this we have toured the country giving workshops in festivals & milongas, from Buddhafields to Medicine Festival and Journey2the1, and many, many more. People came from all walks of life... people who knew Tango but had been traumatised by dogmatic teaching methods, as well as people who'd never taken a step of Tango and were curious, to those who'd seen it on Strictly Come Dancing thinking it was one thing and realised it was a compleatly different awe-inspiering world they had never imagined.

Many asked us where to go to carry on learning this way of dancing and continue their Tango practice. We found the best way to truly unschool and immerse ourselves in what Tango has to offer is to get away from the conventional narratives of our lives and return home to Pachamama, to nature. So we host our retreats in places filled with opportunities to connect to nature and each other. Bringing the South American sense of family along with us.




Retreat Itinerary:

Start: Friday 24th of March

11am People arriving

1pm Lunch call

3pm Tango workshop

6:30pm Dinner

7:30 Guided Práctica



9:30am Breakfast

10:30am Tango class

1pm Lunch

3pm Tango class

6:30pm Dinner

8pm Práctica with live music

End: Sunday 26th of March:

Breakfast 9:30am

10:30am Final class

1pm Lunch

5pm Closing ceremony: a dance to say goodbye, sauna and swim.

  • Please note that some classes will be done together with mix abilities, these classes are in regard to the medicine of Tango, movement, and the body. With tango technic classes we will teach begginers separately to intermediate or advanced students.

  • The Practica in the evening is for all to enjoy, get to know each other and will host live music too!

  • There will be a sauna available, wild swimming for those who can cope with the cold :)



£400 full price

If you can't afford this & want to come don't let it stop you, please enquire about exchange places & concession prices.

Sorry, Earlybird tickets are sold out.

- This includes all workshops, guided practice, meals (all gluten free, vegan & organic where possible, bring your own tent if camping, van space, and Sunday sauna facilities. It does not include cabin or room accomodation as there are different options with different prices. See below :)



There is the option of added accommodation if you don't want to camp/van. There are individual accomodation spaces dotted around the gardens.

  • You can book for individual comfort and a space to quietly rest, or as a group sharing

  • All prices are for the whole weekend and include all bedding, but not towels 🥰

  • Toilets and showers are in external, shared buildings.

List of Accommodation:

The Dragon Wagon has a wood burner and 1 double bed.

£100 (Booked)

The Woody has a wood burner and 1 double,

£100 ( Booked)

The Railway carriage has a wood burner, 1 double and a fold-out couch so option for another double. £100 (Booked)

The McGhee Mansion has a wood burner a kitchenette 1 double and 2 singles.


The Anastasia yurt has a wood burner and 6 singles, £120 (option for sharing so £20 per bed)

(5 of 6 beds reserved)

The Rock. (Booked)

Bull (booked)

Crane (Booked)

Black Sail (Booked)

All pods above all have 2 singles and electric blankets

£80 each

The Ball of String Pod has 1 double and electric blankets

£100 (Booked)

Accomoodation options in the Farmhouse

Master Bedroom in Farmhouse with Double Bed & a sea view.


Bedroom in Farmhouse with Double Bed & fake Chimney.


Bedroom Single Bed with window looking over fileds


Bothy Cottage & Living Area

Bothy Master bedroom with double bed


Bothy Single bed


(Bothy fully Booked)



If you want to come to our next Tango Medicine Retreat please RSVP on this Link to Weekend retreat in March 2023. We then keep a spot for you, and send you account details to confirm your place with a deposit.

If you have any other questions email us at

Early bird tickets available until November.


Do I need to bring a partner?

No need at all, many people will come on thier own

Can I bring my children?

Yes! All are welcome, but you may need to bring a co parent like a friend or grandparent to look after them so you can concentrate on you reatreat :) Please message so we can arrange.

Do I need shoes?

If you have Tango shoes bring them; you can buy jazz shoes for about £10; or just a pair of old socks. This is so you can pivot without hurting your knees. If you only have heals and are a profiencient dancer already, bring flat shoes as we will be encoraging you to learn to lead too.

Do I need experience?

No, we are equipt to teach basics, and the guided Práctica will help you put what you learn into practice.

How do you cater for both Novices and experienced tango dancers?

Firstly, we are all students of Tango, so we are always learning 🥰 we teach the medicine of tango together with all abilities, including how to dance with respect for your body and body type, gender neutrality, and many other aspects that create an inclusive Tango environment.

Those who are more experienced will be learning in an advanced class separate to begginers, as we all require different things at different stages of our tango practice. We then come all together to practice during the evening Práctica (which simply means a practice).

How do I get there if I'm taking the train/bus?

We will provide a lift from the station in Cardiff on Friday at 10:30am for those coming on public transport.

What food?

All the food will be gluten-free, vegan and organic where possible. We are getting part of the food from an awe inspiring project called crops not shops, which enables people to grow thier on food, and supplies fresh organic vegetables to low income families. A great project to support with our wonderful retreat!

What Should I bring?

  • We will be in nature, so in March it is chilly

  • bring very warm clothes

  • swimming suit if you wish

  • two towels for sauna and showering

  • hot water bottle

  • warm socks

  • comfortable clothes

  • your own tent if you're not staying in accomodation, lots of insulation and experience of camping in the cold, don't do it if you're not prepared!

  • torch if you need it


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