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Continuing Your Tango Practice with Drew & Chichi from TLC

After a truly magic festival season teaching our Tango Medicine Workshop, we have been honoured with many requests to help those who wish to continue/kickstart thier practice, and take their first steps to enter into the world of Tango in their home town.

We are currently in Bristol for a week, until the 16th of September, and will be available to teach either privately, or group classes. We have a space available at the following times:

- tomorrow (Friday 10th) any time throughout the day until 19:15

- Saturday 11th anytime until 17:45

- Sunday 12th anytime until 17:45

- Monday 13th anytime until 18:15

- Tuesday 14th anytime until 18:45

- Wednesday 15th anytime until 18:15

- Thursday 16th anytime until 18:15, and finally

- Friday 17th anytime until 20:00

At this stage we‘re trying to get an idea of who is interested and at roughly what times. If you are interested please let us know on 07818704529 via WhatsApp or text message, and we can coordinate.

We are also hoping to introduce those who do classes with us from Bristol to a ‘Practica’ or a Milonga before we leave too, so you can continue to enjoy the world of Tango after we leave.

Hope to see you Bristol Folk soon in the coming days!

TLC ❣️


We will then be teaching in Dartington Totnes, and will be hosting a retreat with an intensive week end beginners course for October. Please let us know if your interested in that too And we can give you more information.


Hi Chichi, can we invite people to the Bristol workshops who haven’t done one of your workshops before? So excited!

Chichi Amatodo
Chichi Amatodo
Sep 10, 2021
Replying to

Yes of course! We will welcome them with a loving tango embrace!

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