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Recording Music in Nature with a Neuman Mic, Rewilding the Art of Recording Sound...

Drew took our epic Neuman microphone out into the wild to record remarkable moments and people. Creating an outdoor studio in nature accompanied by open fires, the sound of the elements as delicious textures in the background, and all the magic that live recordings hold, while being held by a loving environment. Below I have written some short stories and links to hear the beauty of what can be captured by rewilding music recording...

The Magic of Buttocks Bay...

After hours of traipsing around in the hottest day of the year, after three days of searching, we finally found the illusive and infamous Butter Bay. We snooped through the bougie houses, avoided the flying golf balls on the golf course, then clambered down the crumbling cliffs to at last get to the bay. I could see naked bums dancing into the sea. Sweating and exhausted I felt like my clothes were strangling me. As soon as we got down I ripped off all my clothes and lay there butt-naked, soothed by the sea breeze and contagious comfortablity of nudity all around. We had finally found the hidden gem that is Butter bay... aka Buttocks bay. It's an illusive place. We heard through the 'Totnesian' grapevine that there was a bay where all the fairies and pixies of Devon would conjure magic. We asked local people on the coast of this place and no one knew of it. It's a well kept secret, with a filter to only permit those who dare live it through. Firstly, the conventional sort wouldn't be caught dead there, finding the nudist aspect 'distasteful' and shuddering at the idea of all those cocks and balls gleefully flopping about. It's also hard to get to with no stairs down a precarious cliff face, so those who dare reside on Buttocks bay need a sense of adventure, know how to find it and drag some logs along for a fire.

After a much needed rest, we began our arrangments to leave when we heard the echo of drums on the other side of beach. As we walked passed, complete strangers invited us to feast on an abundant bbq they had prepared by the fire. As I nibbled, I looked high up the cliffs that pertrude into the ocean to see the golden glow of the setting sun kissing the caramel skin of a Viking goddess. The wind danced with her hair as she smiled gently, eyes closed, soaking up the last moment of her old friend the sun. This ethereal being floated elegantly down from her perch. Who is this creature and what does this human have to say, I wondered. She found her new perch on a drum next to her friend, exchanged rapé, and bellowed out this completely down to earth Devon accent. It giggled from her soul, with a baby like tone fossilised in time. Her voice reflected her inner child that remained as intact as the day she was born, with a contagious nerdy laugh that would make anyone crack a smile and feel at home. For Sophia was a true native Totnesian.

As the sun said its goodbyes, the giggling native Totnesian suddenly started chanting in Amazonian native Huni Kuin with her friend, both fluent and exquisitely harmonized - as you do when you're a native Totnesian. Later I found out they had been visiting the Huni Kuin Tribe in the Amazon Forest - Sophia since she was the tender age of 16. This explained so much. They had a contagious bond. Whatever they experienced in the Amazon together left an inspiring aura of friendship.

That night we danced Tango as the sun set to the sounds of the drums and harmonies of these remarkable people we had found on the beach. It was the kind of magic that the universe thrives in when spontenaity is given a chance to flow into its full potencial. Different people took turns to sing their souls' spirit; a random stranger joined us, not sure how to understand what on earth was happening before their ears and eyes.

Nights like these are what make life twinkle. Drew had spoken with Jack, another of these divine creatures we had come across. Drew mentioned that our TLC Music Co-op had an amazing mic, and that if everyone wanted, next time, he could bring the recording equipment and record these awe-inspiring songs and atmosphere.

Months later, the golden goddess Sophia was craving a sing song with friends by the fire to celebrate the Autumn Equinox and shake off the depressing feeling of Covid. This time we arrived with offerings: firewood, food, and our epic Neuman mic. A surreal scene unfolded around the crackling fire as we set up our outdoor studio hugged between the silhouettes of the cliffs and the gentle sea twinlke under the night sky. Sophia began the session with her song "Calling the Ancient Ones", a lullaby that soothes the soul. And the song truly called out the moon, who appeared in all her glory from behin the cliffs, blessing us with her presence just as Sophia's song came to an end. Magic.

Sound Cloud Link:

Below is the Soundcloud she uploaded with the recording of that night, mastered by a master, our dear friend Sergio Leon in Argentina, who is part of our Music Co-op, and a member of the Loving Collaborative… It's like listening to velvet. And all in the moment live: the flautist had never heard the song before and improvised an exquisit solo. And this was just the beginning...

Above, the edited GIF video gives a taster of the texture of the twinkling evening, blessed by Grandmother moon. The sound playing on the video is Sophia's song recorded with the phone. I put it up so you can compare the quality of the recording with the Neuman mic above in the Soundcloud link. Don't forget to pause the soundcloud link to hear.

The night continued. It was a warm Summer’s night despite being in September. It felt as though the entire universe conspired for us all to be there in each other‘s company. Musician after musician played their magic. We have wonderful smiling Jack’s recording - stay tuned on our blog for his songs to come up, and follow us on Bandcamp where we pop links up as we record them...

Here is a song Drew recorded in the trees. It's an old Irish Folk song called "A Star Mo Chroi". We also have a battery powered loop station.. which is fun.. you can hear it at the end :) :

After many experiences like the one on Butter Bay we were asked to keep recording with the elements, in nature with our epic mic & nature as our studio, so we decided to offer the TLC Music Co-op as an outdoor nature recording studio, and so the 'Fireside Recording Sessions' were born :) Epic, right! Please click below for more information, if you are interested in hiring us for a recording session, we offer camping recording retreats, feel free to contact us :) :


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