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Our Pregnancy Couples Workshop Audio to do at Home ...

Our way of making the future a little brighter; a free workshop for the guardians of the future, pregnant couples. This workshop was originally conducted in the midwife 'Parto Humanizado' center in Buenos Aires, and was approved for pregnancy by their Obstetrician and midwives. We translated the original workshop, and then converted it into an audio for couples to do at home, particularly as many couples can't attend in gatherings in person at this time [2020 is bonkers], we thought this may be a nice thing to do while stuck at home...we also offer a monthly audio if you enjoy this one that grow with your baby, & as always they are donation based so no one gets left behind. Link below...

The audio lasts about an hour, and at the end there is a trust and guiding exercise that you choose how for you wish to extend it for. We have many techniques within this workshop, from Eutonia, Feldenkrais, censorial perception, and getting the gist of the human anatomy through good old facts from the latest scientific research.

Things you Will need:

A place to lie down comfortable, cushions, a drink, nibbles, a rug, scented oil safe for pregnancy, and blind fold, relaxing music, freedom to have a good giggle, or a good cry if you need to, objects with an array of textures, smells, comfortable clothes that permits tactile touches skin to skin, and of course each other.

We hope you enjoy it and get very loved up by the end :)

If you liked this workshop, we offer a monthly workshop to accompany each stage of your baby belly growing...


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