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Our Carbon Footprint

We believe happy people have a better impact on our earth. From our health, to being conscientious, and our reliance on material goods; Our main goal is to empower people to use cultural tools to help with our human relations. The idea is, the better our relationships are with ourselves and others, the happier we are, and the less need to materialism to fill the void.

A wise man once said 'be the change you want to see in the world, so first off, we start with ourselves. We are calculating our carbon footprint of our daily lives. Which is also why we have the minimalist baby category in our blog posts. These are examples of how we looked to our species past to cater for fundamental needs of our child with as little materialism as possible. For example using cloth nappies and using the elimination communication method for early potty training. Breastfeeding. What we use to transport ourselves etc.

Also in our daily lives we try to have a positive impact with what we do consume, as much local and organic food as possible, checking for palm oil and avoiding animal produce.

Also in Our work we try to reduce, re use recycle, up cycle, transform or not put more shit into the world. And that the great thing about dance, you just need your body, nothing else. We also have started an 'up-cycling' old frames option for Drew's portrait commissions, reducing the energy to produce new glass and frames, but also avoiding old frames going to landfill.

We work in music, dance, art and workshops. So I will go discipline by discipline. And interweave them as we do in our lives, explaining how we try to reduce our carbon footprint.




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