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Rescue & Adopt a Frame from Landfill!

To do some good and avoid even more stuff going to landfill, we collect abandoned frames that are looking for a new purpose in life. We 'up-cycle' them; by cleaning, sanding , & painting them, and giving the frames wonderful new art to be proud of, and then to top it all off, we find them a new loving home where they will be appreciated for who they are. And the donation goes towards the TLC Co-Op.

If you wish to adopt a frame with art, or frame a commission please contact:

If you see an abandoned frame and want us to up-cycle it, feel free to bring it to us, we have received many, and love to give them some love and find them a new purpose.

Here are some Previously Rescued frames...

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will my commissioned art fit in the frame?

If you have commissioned Drew and want to adopt a frame to keep costs down, we can let you know what frame we have available and Drew will make sure the drawing fits beautifully in the given frame before starting the drawing.

Do I need to pay for an Up-Cycled frame?

We appreciate a donation for the time and materials used. Framing is usually expensive, so up-cycling is a very cost-effective way to frame your portrait. As we have to use materials like pins, paint, acid free tape etc, and it takes a little time to fix up the frame, we appreciate at least the cost of the materials, and our time. This can be between £25 - £60 depending on the work and size.

Can I customize the frame with a different colour?

Yes, if you don't like the frame the way it is, feel free to ask us to paint it, we have rescued paint too, or you can bring a little pot.

How do I donate a frame?

Email us to arrange a time to bring it over, it doesn't matter if the glass is broken, just remove it before you transport it to us.

How do I commission a portrait from Drew with an adopted frame?

Please go to this link . Fill in the Sale Inquiry form, and let us you know want to adopt a frame.

How do I receive the framed portrait?

You can pick it up directly, or for the added courier fee we can send it to your preferred address.

Can I use my own frame?

YES! Absolutely, and we can even put the artwork in the frame if you bring it to us, and we can make sure we use the right size paper before the drawing starts so you can use any frame you like.

Why Frame at all?

Framing helps preserve the drawing, it avoids the paper getting damaged, dusty, humid or torn. And is easier to hang up and more presentable.

Previously Up-Cycled Frames that Found Good Homes:

Commission: Sam's 40th Birthday, commissioned by his family. Him and his son; and his son with his sister.


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