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TLC is Honored to Host Healing Tango Workshops in Festivals Across the UK

We are delighted to announce our confirmed schedule for workshops in Festivals across the UK. We are hosting our healing 'TLC Tango Medicine' workshop in Buddhafields, Tribe of Doris, Medicine, and Equinox festival 2021. Read below for info on dates, festival websites to book tickets and what the Tango workshops are about...

Image: Workshop in Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria

The TLC Tango Medicine Workshop:

12 years ago tango transformed our lives, & introduced us to a world of human heritage that we adore to pass on, especially to those who like us, didn't think dance was a possibility for them. In this workshop we learn to navigate the world that is Tango, and what it has to teach us about being human. The grassroots of Tango were sculpted in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by the people for the people; risen from the immigrants, indigenous and Africans trying to find soul in the soulless beast of the city. The Milongas, where people gathered to play music and dance, were made illegal several times, given a reputation to be illicit, when it was simply a place of freedom… an expression of humanity without society’s expectations on class & gender. In Buenos Aires, Tango is considered a form a therapy to cope with the chaos of modern life. It is a place where we find communion through the universal language of dance and music.

Join us to learn gender-neutral roles within Tango; embracing the texture that our lives tattoo into our bodies and manifest in our movements; what it takes to honor the responsibility of moving with another; and understanding & respecting personal space, and our human need for one another.

We are hosting this workshop in various festivals across the UK, below are the dates and links to each festival we are hosting our Tango workshop in...


Blackdown Hills, Somerset

9:30am Saturday 17th of July

9:30am Sunday 18th of July

More info:

Tribe of Doris:

Stanford Hall Estate, Stanford Road, Lutterworth

Wed, 4 Aug 2021 12:00 - Sun, 8 Aug 2021

Time coming soon...

More info:

Medicine Festival:


19 August 2021 - 23 August 2021

Time of workshop coming soon...

more info:

Equinox Festival:

17th - 19th of September

If you have any questions please email us on


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