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Ideas of the Best Games you can play during Lockdown...

"Boredom does not exist" my batty old mama would say, "only a lack of imagination..." SO here are some games to tickle your senses and stimulate your imagination, a whole world can be found in your mind given the chance, use this time as an opportunity to swim deep and find your inner child. You can play them on your own with friends on the phone, with your partner, family or flatmates, even your neighbor at a safe distance over the fence LOL...

We will guide you through the basis of various games, you can choose which you prefer, and go wild and make your moments magic. You don't need anything, just the power of your fabulous nogin.

Email or fill in pop up form which should appear about receive the completely free guides to the games...yes we are that nice, it's a gift. And if you want to stay friends, well that's just a bonus.



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