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The 'Llamada' Dance Parade

A Practice that Calls for people to Unite in Movement and Sound

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Service Description

Duration: 2 hours A workshop that teaches people how to create, and participate, in a llamada; A type of parade that invites all people, all ages and all abilities to come together and parade through the streets inviting everyone to join, either by making part of the a beat that makes up the rhythm of the parade, or to dance along. A 'Llamada' literally transaltes to the 'calling', but it is also the name of a tradition to call out with music to the people to come together to dance. We have borrowed the term and parts of the tradition practiced in Uruguay & Argentina, along with a few dance, folklore and marching traditions to make a medley of movements & sounds that are fun and easy to learn and pass on, and do all together. Part 1) The Sound In this workshop we first learn three separate beats that are easy to do on their own; we learn what we can play them on, for example; a drum, a saucepan, a lamp post, your belly, your instrument or anything you can get your hands on. Then we learn how to bring these three beats together into a hypnotic rythem that repeats, this that will create an enormous sound that will call out to people. Part 2) The Dance Then we learn to dance to this rhythm. We have borrowed various indigenous movements that are practiced in South American folklore dance, they are fun and very easy to learn, like ways to make people trains, foot stomping, murga and carnival dance movements etc. Part 3) Inviting people to join The final most important part of the 'llamada' is then to learn how to invite people to feel comfortable to join in with either a beat or the dance or both, so the parade gets larger and larger, louder and louder as, calling more and more people as it moves through the streets, party or festival. Part 4) The Parade And the final part of the workshop is to go out to practice the llamada in the festival, streets or party (depending where the workshop is held) The participants will be the hosts that begin the parade where the workshop was held, we will parade together, inviting all to join us along the way to our final destination, where we will end the parade with a massive jam and free dance. It is a unifying and euphoric experience, a magical thing to see, and so welcoming for all to take part in this little moment of magic. This workshop is usually held in festivals, but can be performed at parties or anywhere people feel like it once they have learnt the principals of how it works. Contact:

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