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Learning To Dance at a Later Age

Dancing is our species' heritage-don't let age stop you, learn with us

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Service Description

This is a course especially designed to encourage people to take up dancing at a later age. It is especially close to our hearts to organize this opportunity as the founders of TLC found dance at a later age too. Many people think to be a dancer you start as a child, but this doesn't have to be the case, we have had students from 10 to 95 years old. No prior experience required, we will take care of you, helping you overcome any obstacles that may or may not arise, and find the dancer that has always been within you. - Weekly classes over 2 months We will teach you gentle, accessible movements that help build strength, balance, and confidence, combining movement therapy techniques to help you find your particular movement, which your body prefers. Crash course to find the dance for you: Trying out a little of various dances; learning about the culture that surrounds each dance, until you find which is the right fit for you. Tango Taster: Danced by all ages nightly all over the world, we will prepare you to attend these events and meet wonderful people, and practise. This dance is particularly kind to the elders as it is based on walking in rhythm with the swagger that your life gave you. It has been proven to slow the deterioration caused by various neurological ailments, like MS, Parkinson's & Dementia. Salsa Taster: Gets the hips moving, increases muscle strength and balance. Also danced all over the world with infinite styles. Latin Folklore: Danced socially in South America; very easy to learn, these dances are part of our ancient human heritage. The movements have evolved to be inclusive of all the human tribe, big and small. Folklore events are held mostly by south American embassies. Swing Taster: High energy dance; gets the heart pumping; relatively easy basic steps that increase in complexity. Danced all over the world. Contact Taster: The yoga of dances; plenty of proximity; massage; and builds flexibility and strength. Danced all over the world. Course: Week 1: Introduction to everyone Learning how to warm up the body safely and with maximum deliciousness; techniques to help balance. Lesson: Social dance choreographies. Understanding their importance in our species' history Week 2: Walking to the rhythm; techniques to overcome inhibitions; freestyle movement; understanding our bodies natural reaction to rhythm. Week 3 to 8: Dance tasters each week, with introductions to places to carry on with which whichever dance you choose.

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