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Kids Mural Workshop

Learning art techniques through play & a little mischief.

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A plethora of techniques are combined to help kids create murals that don't look like a dribbly mess. Art Techniques: - Self-directed Education; child led learning creating autonomy & self discovery - Beauty Theory: within art, psychology & physiology; for example repeating the same image, or symmetry creates an appeasing brain reaction telling what we are looking at is beautiful, so a squew wiff flower drawn by kids repeated enough times can look like a stunning Matise painting. -Divine Mistake Technique; For example Jackson Pollock general splashing techniques from Chaos Theory; we use water balloons filled with eco safe inks to splatter against the wall to create a texture for waves. Enabling Kids to works together & learn from eachother; Apply opportunities to enable care giving between kids, techniques developed by Developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld. Play Theory; Learning & bonding through play Mural Subject depends on where and what the Mural is for.

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