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Healthy Heart Dance Workshop

Techniques to maintain a healthy heart through dance & connection.

  • 2 hr
  • Donation
  • Dance Studio, Or Festival

Service Description

How do you maintain a healthy heart? - Eat well; get the blood pumping; and be close to other hearts :) Our Healthy Heart Workshop is designed with this in mind, and is followed by teatime - healthy heart-healing teas of course :) Workshop Structure: A 2-hour live music composition has been especially designed to help guide the different phases of this workshop. Tension-releasing warm up: 30 min Contact dance, yoga, contact massage & Feldenkrais methods are combined to accomplish this part of the workshop. Dance: 1 hour Phase one: bringing our hearts together: - Tango, Expression & Contact Improvisation techniques that bring the hearts together in a united movement meditation. Phase two: getting our hearts pumping - Rhythm dance movements that get the heart pumping: combining folkloric dances with modern Expression movements. - Cool down: Group meditation, sound bath, and tea :) And teatime wouldn't be complete without a good babbling reflection with our fellow workshops participants, a healthy nibble, and bringing out the magic of just hanging out. Workshop Mantra: Healthy heart - healthy love, healthy love - healthy people, healthy people - healthy Earth, healthy Earth - healthy heart. Skill Level: As with all our workshops they are designed for all ages and abilities. Due to Covid restrictions, we won't be hosting workshops in person until after lock down, hopefully in April. If you wish to book, or find out what online workshops you can do during lockdown, please email:

Contact Details

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