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Group Tango Class - Beginners

Starting this poetry in motion with a simple step.

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Service Description

Tango is poetry in motion. It can seem an impossible dance to learn. However, it is not! Due to its roots as the people's dance, it crossed barriers of language with the immigrants that created it; abilities, as people danced what they could how they could; and ages, as people just got together to enjoy each others company in the 'milongas'. Learning Process: Tango has been referred to as a walk of life. As you start learning it as a simple walk, which you go adding your swagger to as you learn to express yourself more. We have broken the movements down to make them simple and easy to start, to then go building skills and incorporating movements. 1st & 2nd Class: Walking in a Straight line with swagger. Techniques for balance & walking in unison. 3rd & 4rth Class: Learning to pivot to unlock new moves Changing direction Moving with intention and control 5th & 6th Class: Moving in circles: the 'Giro' and the 'Calecita' - Achieving maximum balance - Finding your axis Deepening connection - to begin to move more naturally in unison Class 9 & 10 Learning to both lead and follow Applying all the directions to leading and following to execute the direction you wish to move in Class 11 onwards Learning new expressive movements, leading and following Decorations Musicality

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