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Folklore Human Heritage Dance Class

Learning the arts of our species' ancestors through Folklore & dance

  • 2 hours
  • Client

Service Description

Learn about our human heritage through folkloric practices such as tribal body painting; ancient dance movements in unison; music; and ceremony. Class Structure: - Introduction: 5 min Presentation; who we are; what is Folklore; and what we will be doing. - Warm up: 15 min Contact Improvisation massage; Yoga stretches; unison Guarani tone chant. Tribal body painting begins the ceremony of bonding the group. We learn what body marking means for our species. - Folklore dance: 1hour 30 min Learning ancient and modern social dances that bond us as a species, eventually learning a sequence that can be repeated by participants again and passed on to keep these movements appreciated and alive! - Reflection time if needed: 10 min This Workshop can be conducted for festivals, schools, events, or just for a group of friends or colleagues. Due to Covid restrictions, we won't be hosting workshops in person until after lock down, hopefully in April. If you wish to book, or find out what online workshops you can do during lockdown, please email:

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