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Couples Contact Massage

Something delightful to do together during the never ending lock down.

  • Donation: £15

Service Description

This workshop is for couples living together under and especially for good for lock down. A little breather to help couples cope during this time. It is an wonderful gift to each other, an excuse to take some time to delve a little deeper, experience each other in different ways, laugh a little and learn new skills, and in turn things about your partner you may not expect. We have composed a complimentary mantric soundscape to accompany this class online. We send the link for you to down load prior to the class. Duration: 1.30 hours Class Itinerary: Part One: Introductions Part two: Individual Warm up Part Three: Guided massage, creating space & relaxation in the body. Couples take turn to learn to do this massage to each other. Part Four: Trust exercises through physical contact. Part Five: Massage in movement together. Wind down to reflect & chat about the session. We recommend having a yummy tea. Price: Group class of 5 couples max. Suggested Donation: £15 per couple to ask for private sessions, suggested donation for private session: £50 If you have financial difficulty let us know and we will make a concession for what you can afford. Don't let money get in the way of a wonderful experience. We love you.

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