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Mon, 16 Oct


The Mount Without

Tango Communion with Live music

Bringing hearts together with live music, communal dinner, and a Tango dance practice.

Tango Communion with Live music
Tango Communion with Live music

Time & Location

Last available date

16 Oct, 17:00 – 21:00

The Mount Without, Upper Church Ln, Bristol BS2 8FN, UK

About the event

Bringing the community together with dance, food & music.

  • A friendly insclusive Tango practica,
  • An ‘Olla popular’ (Pot of the people) which is a tradition where a dinner is prepared in community: everyone brings a veg to chop & pop into the pot. Gluten free & vegan.
  • Live music, tango and other beautiful sounds you can listen to or be moved to move.


September the 11th.

October the 16th

More information:

The Tango Practice:

Be moved by your community, come learn the original essence of tango: community: coming heart to heart and hearing the beating soul of your tribe, where all are welcomed, all are respected. All ages, all abilities, all creeds.

Tango is more than a beautiful dance, it is connection, a connection that levels the playing field for people from all backgrounds, it unites us, cheek to cheek in a moving embrace that tells our souls journey. This way of getting to know each other creates strong bonds, which is why it was made illegal by dictatorships in Argentina & other countries around the world still suffering tyranny.


For these Tango practicas we are hosting a delicious dinner called an ‘Olla popular’ (Pot of the people)...a tradition where dinner is prepared by the community that feeds the community.

Everyone brings a veg offering, you chop it and pop it into the pot. The base sauce stews for a few hours and when it’s ready everyone eats together, the more people come, the more food.

What makes the Olla Popular different is that the abundance of everyone cooking together means that there is a surplus so so you take some dinner with you too, and if you want, you can give to someone in need. From a Neighbour to a stranger; Everyone gets fed.

For this wonderful tradition for dinner we have called in our communities growers, like CropsnotShops

Empowering people to grow food and giving families in need fresh organic veg for every veg box they sell. They will supply the ingredients for our pot, along with people bringing their own veg. So coming to these the event supports them supporting families too 🥰


Hosting inspiering live music that will move you to move, or if you prefer to simply sit back and enjoy. From an array of remarkable musicians to inspire you, from tango to ancient sounds from this land and revolutionaries that speak or communities voice. We will also have an open mic so we can give the chance to be heard.


Tickets are £25 per adult, children & elder above 80 are free.

Early Bird Prices until September

For those struggling economically, we have discounted prices and exchanges, please email for more details.

Please RSVP on Headfirst Bristol:

September 11th

October 16th

Contact details:

Please email

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